Skin problems & Essence Balm

Iho-ongelmat & Essence Balm

Essence Balm has in a short time achieved a cult reputation as a solution to various skin problems, and not for nothing. It offers gentle help when the skin's balance is disturbed. Long-term skin problems and diseases usually always have emotional and inherited reasons behind them.In this text, I will delve into the secret of Essence Balm's effectiveness!

Quick fix?

In skin care, we often have a desire for quick results. Especially if there is something on the skin that bothers us. A new line in the corner of the eye, a pimple in the middle of the forehead or the nostrils that are always red.

In order for us to get miracles overnight, cosmetics should be unimaginably effective. Isn't it? That's why the mind is attracted by new hits, individual super ingredients, strong fruit acids or masks that absorb all impurities in three minutes so that you can forget the word blackhead once and for all.

Essence Balm was not born from these premises. It is based on the eternal wisdom that softness wins over hardness. A mind that bends like water can get rid of the goals set by hardness.

Striving for perfect skin is a tough goal. It can be difficult to smile gently at yourself in front of the mirror.

The more our mind demands, the more the skin shows symptoms. New products only work for a while, getting their power from the hope our minds create. When the jar is halfway through, we start feverishly looking for what could save the situation next?

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it."
- Tao Te Ching

One of the basic ideas of Soil of Beauty is to make skin care as simple as possible and help you commit to a gentler approach to skin care. This way you can get long-term results and your skin can be worry-free.

Why does Essence Balm work?

Our product development represents more of a traditionalist direction than the latest special technologies. Plant extracts are made by hand, slowly, very traditionally. The plants we use are not the latest exotic discoveries from around the world, but we prefer medicinal plants, mushrooms and berries with a long tradition.

The whole approach is actually so old you have to blow the cobwebs out!


Absolutely not! All this softness, slowness and surrender are key words when talking about the road to healthy skin.

Anyone who has suffered from skin problems for a long time can certainly feel how wonderful it sounds to be able to let go of the pressure associated with skin care. There are often many reasons behind the problems, for which external treatment alone is not enough. I definitely recommend a Chinese medicine consultation for help if you suffer from long-term skin problems.

Essence Balm has gently hooked many of its users. With the synergy of plants and skillful formulation, we have succeeded in getting the deep purpose that the whole Soil of Beauty is based on inside a beautiful glass jar. The scent of Essence Balm helps your mind calm down, engage and let go of the harshness that creates pressure to achieve perfect skin.

If you suffer from skin problems such as acne, rosacea, rashes or red and dry skin then Essence Balm offers you a comprehensive skin healing experience. Gently.

What does Essence mean?

Essence Balm represents water element and essence in Chinese medicine, which creates structure for our physical state.

Jing or essence is the original source of our energy and vitality. Essence is made up of our inheritance and determines growth, development, hormone function and aging. So it could be said that Jing is the decisive thing when it comes to our health and longevity. Also for our skin!

The way we live determines whether we use our essence evenly or too quickly.
Yes, our essence can leak and thereby cause illness, premature aging and exhaustion. When our important life force is used up, for example, due to rush, stress, strong emotions or a bad diet, we start to notice fatigue in the body, memory stops and all kinds of ailments appear. This is also visible on the skin.

Today's lifestyle values ​​performance, efficiency, great emotions and experiences. Extreme lifestyles, whether it's overtime, over-the-top dieting, or the constant pursuit of perfection, deplete our vital elixir of life.

The truth is that life consumes essence and that is completely normal. But with lifestyles and thought patterns, we can influence that it doesn't wear out too quickly.

This is where we get to the beginning and the fact that restlessness and tough demands in skin care are a real challenge for the well-being of the skin. And this is why Essence Balm is needed. One product that suits every skin and every skin challenge.

 'A wise combination of plants strengthens your skin's immunity against internal and external challenges. It doesn't matter if you have skin problems or if you just want to support the health and protection of your skin, Essence Balm is right for you because of its adaptive nature.’  

Essence Balm's formulation has taken into account the wearing effect of modern life on the skin. It strengthens your skin's structure and ability to adapt to internal and external challenges. Because of this, it brings great and long-lasting results to skin stressed by life. The effect of protecting the essence of the skin also helps prevent skin damage.

Have you tried Essence Balm yet?

'Do you have the Patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?
-Tao Te Ching